The Woodpile – November 2012

Featured Beer

November is a time for comfort food and comfort drinks, so here’s a great way to sit back, relax, and warm your soul. Barenjager Honey Bourbon, Goslings Ginger Beer, and a squeeze of lime make up this tasty drink we affectionately call the Ginger Bear.

It has a bit of spice and just the right amount of kick so it is a delicious way to start your night!

November is also the perfect time to try a dark and flavorful beer! Left Hand Nitro is extremely thick & satisfying on the tongue, with primary flavors being milk chocolate & perfectly seared toast. It starts with an espresso aroma & ends with a chocolaty, vaguely bitter cacao finish. It is a draft beer in a bottle, preserved with Nitrogen so pour it heavily into the glass to get the full effect of its flavors, then sit back and enjoy!

New Draft Beer

The Glenwood is now serving a whole new selection of delicious drafts, give ’em a taste:

• Abita Pecan Amber Ale 5.0% ABV
• Boulevard Double-Wide I.P.A. 8.5% ABV
• Dos Equis Lager 4.7% ABV
• Red Hare Coffee-Cream Stout 6.8% ABV
• Leinenkugel’s Big Eddy Baltic Porter 8.0% ABV

The Secret Life of B’s…

Pure & idealistic employment attorney by day Brian wakes up in the morning and grabs his coffee. After doing a few push-ups, he starts to get dressed. It’s casual Friday at the office so he picks up his Wu-Tang t-shirt, but quickly decides against it. He has to be in court that day. Today he’s representing a woman suing her boss for sexual harassment.

While wearing that shirt does seem appropriate for his mood, he decides on a black suit and tie instead.

After a long boring day at the office, Brian can finally head to the Glenwood to relax and put his real super powers to work. He cozies up to the bar to partake in an adult beverage. He then starts to get a familiar feeling deep down inside. Looking around at the somber faces around him, he knows. It is the sense that he must go to the Jukebox immediately or all will be lost!

One of Brian’s super powers is the ability to sense exactly what gangsta’ rap song will make the most people smile, then hunt that song down and make some asses shake!

While we cannot reveal all of his secrets, we can tell you how to find some out for yourself. All you have to do is pull up a bar stool, and order a shot of Jameson. You should also feel free to stop him and talk some music, but beware of beginning a political discussion, for you may find yourself without any good legs left to stand on, and there is only so much another shot can fix. Here’s to ya brother!

The Woodpile – October 2012

Featured Beer

This beautiful weather brings a new featured beer, just for spooky October times. Wytchwood Brewery’s Hobgoblin is a full bodied and well balanced beer with a chocolate toffee malt flavor, moderate bitterness, a distinctive fruity character, and a ruby red glow. Perfect for fall, the blood orange Old Fashioned!

Made by muddling fresh blood oranges, cherries, sugar, and blood orange bitters, then adding Maker’s Mark! Yummy!

Sittin’ In Sundays – Live Jam Session

unday night is the night for good times when The Glenwood brings you “Sitting in Sundays”, an open jam hosted by the Hollidays.

This is a night for all of EAV’s finest musicians to stop by and join in the music and fun. If you like to sing, play an instrument, or just hang out and enjoy some tunes, this is the night for you!

Art Holliday starts the night off with his crazy cast of characters, playing a variety of outlaw country, rock, and whatever else makes them smile, then invites other musicians to come on up and play. You are welcome to bring your own instruments, plug in, and see what happens. Some like to drum, play original songs, bring a whole band, or just sing a little something.

Many very talented local musicians attend the party, so it is always entertaining. Some sit in guests bring the Funk, others the Blues. Variety is the spice of life, and certainly what makes Sundays such a fun night.

Remember, Sunday night’s last call is early, so begin and end your night with us at The Glenwood. Every week we look forward to seeing some new talent as well as our old favorite’s.

Best of all, if you get up and jam with the Hollidays, you earn yourself some free beers on us! And let’s be honest, free beers just taste better !

In Loving Memory

If you have been around the EAV for a time you likely have a story about Bill Hale. Bill was one of those people that, once you met him, he was permanently implanted in your memory.

Bill holds a special place in the heart of our Glenwood Family, and after his unforeseen and unfortunate passing, we wanted to bestow a small tribute to this man who so many knew and loved. Bill was one of the founders of the original Glenwood in the mid 2000’s. He was mischievous, fun loving, and strong willed. When asked about his father, Hunter Hale (also a beloved friend and former employee) had to say “He didn’t give a f*ck about anything he didn’t want to, but once he did, he did everything he could”.

That is what every story about Bill has boiled down to. He was quick to believe in people, and once his sights were set, he would do everything he could to see it through. He believed in people, and he wanted to see those around him live up to their full happiness. He encouraged people to go for their dreams. Bill contracted his illness when he was enjoying a day in the water with his family, doing what he loved.

For all of the crazy stories there are about Bill, it all comes down to this: some people die without truly having lived. He was taken too soon from his friends and family, but you can not say that this man did not live. He experienced being a father, a husband, a war veteran, a businessman, a friend, and a true character. He will be truly missed.

Thank you so much to all who have sent condolences to Bill’s family as well as to our little Glenwood family.